#100happydays Day 3

Happy for technology! My parents are traveling overseas and I had no hopes from hearing from them. They aren’t the most technologically savvy. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from them with a selfie included. 🙂 I love my parents.


100 Happy Days

I decided to start the challenge. I’ve seen it popping up on my instagram here and there. I didn’t want to clog up my instagram feed so I’ve thought I would post it here! I feel like there are plenty of days that I get bogged down by things I didn’t accomplish for the day or things that put me in an unhappy mood that affected far more of my day than it should’ve. I’m going to try to be happier and more grateful for the bountiful blessings that are in my life that I constantly overlook. If you want to learn more about it, here is a link~



A new year, a new attempt at blogging on the regular. 

A few days into the new year and I think I’ve decided on my goals and resolutions for the new year. I’ve decided that 2014 will be my year of growing.

My resolutions and goals are: 

1. Losing weight. I have some lofty goals weight wise but the upcoming nuptials of a couple of best friends lights my fire to meet the goals. Standing up as a bridesmaid and maid of honor with flabby and fat arms is something I am desperately trying to avoid. 

2. Finding a church to attend regularly. I really didn’t attend church in 2013. I went here and there and decided I wanted to switch churches. In the midst of switching, I just kind of stopped going out and trying to find a new church that fit what I wanted. I want to make a more conscious effort this year to find a church that fits what I am looking for and get plugged in. 

3. Get a job in career path that I want to pursue long term. 

4. Move out. I think it is time to move out of my parent’s house. I love my parents and living with them is such a blessing but at times I feel like it hinders me from growing into an adult. This is a goal I hope to reach in later half of the year. 

These 4 goals are my big goals for the year that I would really like to check off in 2015. Some goals that I would to reach along with the ones above are…

5. Cook.I want to expand my knowledge of korean cooking and cooking in general. I like to bake far more than I like to cook. I really want to learn to make 10 dishes that I wouldn’t mind feeding friends at a dinner party. 

6. Pick up a new hobby. I want to try so many things. Pottery, calligraphy, letterpress,photography, sewing, and the list is about a mile long right now. I haven’t quite figured out which hobby I realistically have the time and money for but once I figure that out, I can’t wait to try it~

7. Blog. blog. BLOG! I feel like I’m constantly trying to blog regularly and fail. I will try harder to blog and blog interesting things! 

8. Save for a Eurotrip~ Going to Europe and traveling across many countries at the TOP TOP TOP of my bucket list. I need to make a stronger effort to make it a reality. 


Those are all my goals and resolutions for 2014. I can’t wait to check these off at the end of the year! 


New Layout. New Blogging!

I’ve decided to use a new layout and blog some new things 🙂 I’ve been trying to cook and bake more so I will post up recipes and reviews. I may sprinkle makeup reviews and just random things in as well. Here is ANOTHER attempt at blogging. Cross your fingers this last longer than the last time 😀