#100happydays Day 8

My first Warriors game. It was so much fun!! Some exciting shots and moments. It was an unexpected surprise to go to a game on a Tuesday night. It was extra fun to go with my little cousin. It is so nice to have her back in the area! I’m never going to let her leave again. Who knew so much happiness could be brought by basketball and beer?


#100happydays Day 7

I dropped the ball on Day 6, friends. No photo but one of many things that made me happy on Day 6 was California weather. What a blessing it is to live in the Bay Area. The weather is ridiculously nice these days. Happy, indeed!

#100happydays Day 6

I hosted my first tea party! It was so much fun and a bit stressful. I felt like I didn’t time the things I needed to get done before my friends came over very well. I think it went well overall so I guess that where I shall focus my happy thoughts on. I don’t think I’ll be hosting again anytime soon though. Haha

#100happydays Day 5

Happy for these delicious balls of joy. I’ve yet to just eat one of these. I eat a minimum of two and just want to keep eating them.

#100happydays Day 4

Happy for awesome friends! Always up for a good time and lots of laughs with these girls.

#100happydays Day 2

Happy to have my cousin back in the area. It is fun to hang out and chit chat. I appreciate the honest conversations and the level of comfort. A hefty dose of happy yesterday especially since it was her birthday

#100happydays Day 1


A day trip to SF with my grandpa and my aunts! It was so fun to spend the day with my grandpa. He surprisingly had no problems keeping up with us sightseeing. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to enjoy the day with him. It is easily one of my favorite moments of this year! This day was definitely full of happy!